Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Greatest movie scenes ever # 25

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde - Yellow Panties

I wanted to post Yellow Panties as it's the only Jeckyll & Hyde song I love which I've not posted on here. I could've done a post with it alongside P.I.M.P by Keak Da Sneak to demonstrate the Bay's weird obsession with mid 80s NY rap, but I didn't really fancy doin' a music post today.

Instead, I thought It'd go just swell with a post about the finest pissing scene (yellow panties, piss - geddit?) to ever grace a movie. Of course, the finest pissing scene in the history of movies is the golden shower scene in Team America, but we're into that more niche stock here at The Martorialist, so it's today's edition of this series is going to have to come from Troll 2 instead :

Troll 2 often gets tarred with the so-bad-it's-good brush and has developed a cult following to the point where there was a documentary about it showing at various film festivals last year, but, I 'unno, it's a pretty cool unique lil' scary movie about goblins who trick people into eating food that turns them into vegetables so that the goblins can then eat them, that's profoundly more engaging and entertaining than a fucking borefest like Avatar.

Like Joshua's dad tells him : you can't piss on hospitality. What you can do in its place is check out Rob Breezy and Superix's All Black Everything mix over on Southern Hospitality of conscious-rap choons with the word black in their titles by Lakim Shabazz, Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers, 2 Kings In A Cypher and so on. Trust me when I tell youthat you'll never hear a mix with a finer intro, and that's word to Dead Mike.

You should also check the Fat Lace podcast, where Dan Large and Drew Huge induldge in a post-Man U' vs. Leeds session of Ultramagnetic jokes, slept on conscious-rap, golden-era and bay gangsta-rap gems, some standard classics and Dan finally gaining braggin' rights over Drew.