Sunday, 1 February 2009

Trina is NOT the Baddest Bitch

Though, i hasten to add that this and this will always get love here at The Martorialist.

I've had a thang for Kate O'Mara ever since she was in Dr Who and Dynasty (is that the most unlikely pairing on the cv of an actress in the history of tv?) when i was a shorty. Like Winehouse, she has a touch of dirty gypsy whore about her but on tv she usually played posh Cruella DeVille-ish bitches and, crucially, looked like one with her haughty sneer, vampish high-cheekbones and come-hither eyes. You could propose that she was a human version of Skeletor's bird Evil-Lyn, who many a seventies baby raised in the eighties will have lusted over during their misspent youth.


The last show i remember Kate in was Absolutely Fabulous but that feels like a lifetime ago and it would be polite to suggest that Kate could be described as positively archaic at this point, so when i heard she was in an episode of Doctors last year i watched it through my fingers on the iPlayer thinking she'd probably be looking like a cat's sphincter superglued onto a rotten rear by now. Yet, despite the fact she makes Mumm-Ra The Ever Living seem like someone Gary Glitter would pester, she hasn't really aged since about 1991 (Corey Feldman Syndrome) - she's still fit and i still find myself libidinous for her gypsy/witchy/bitchy charms.

I'm gettin' tipsy, i hope she reads cocks like a gypsy..


Brad said...

don't forget howards way cause that was when she was at her hottest in the 80s

louise said...

Go down Camberwell to some afrocarribean salon, pick up some cheap pieces of "hair" (namely consisting of 50 % horse and 50% dead russian child) and we can play badweave bingo on you. It'll be fun.