Sunday, 15 February 2009

No nuts no glory

It's great to have Big Mike back, though whether Rick Ross is worthy of sharing a record with him is up for debate (also see : Cocaine by UGK ft. Rick Ross) but i digress.

Here at The Martorialist we're big fans of Willie D and consider his purple denim Witchfinder General outfit on the cover of We Can't Be Stopped one of the greatest ensembles ever but we truly love everything Big Mike, from his time in The Convicts with 3-2 to his classic solo work to, most importantly, the Big Mike incarnation of the Geto Boys circa the 'Til Death Do Us Part album and his solo track on there - No Nuts No Glory.

Geto Boys - No Nuts No Glory

And we're not the only ones as Geto Boys fanatic Beanie Sigel paid tribute to it on the first State Property album. Roc The Mic was the big single and all but this was the best track on there :

Beanie Sigel - No Glory

As classic as No Nuts No Glory is, it's really tempting to say that Beans slightly improved on the original here with No Glory, innit? At the very least he's rivaled it. It's all in the extra hazy horns and the "I'm so street like asphalt/I spit shit like my ass talk" line, chico.


Brad (not Brad Jordan) said...

i dunno about til death do us part bein better than grip it.., mart

Brad (not Brad Jordan) said...

see, i prefer read these nikes, gangster of love and mind of a lunatic from grip it..

the look on that gorillas face = hahaha.

T said...

this place needs more posts about faith no more and girls aloud, honey