Friday 26 April 2024

Revenge Of The Jerk

YG - Knocka
(From Knocka single; 2024)

First time I've checked a new YG single since Swag in 2020 and he's only gone and dropped some fresh extratellestrial il grande Jerk redux shit which is right up my Grove Street. Initially thought that synth stab thingy is the It's Like That synth stab thingy, but now I think it's Raised Like This synth stab thingy. Whether It's Like That or Raised Like This, this is still a new YG single I can jam alongside a classic Ezale single. Two thumbs up like Run & D.M.C's heads.


GGGGGG said...

It definitely sounds like the Ezale

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It does dunnit?