Tuesday 28 June 2022

Late pass!

Monaleo - We Not Humping
(From We Not Humping single; 2021)

How come none of you fooken' humps told me about this song eh eh? Could end up being my favourite 2022 song which #actually dropped in December 2021. There's a remix of this with Flo Milli that's a better City Girls single than City Girls' latest single, but it ain't as satisfying as Monaleo's solo O.G version. As D.W Griffiths' nearly said, all you need is a girl rhyming about her guns.

Other contenders for my favourite 2022 song which #actually dropped in December 2021: Sometimes by Tony Shhnow and Road To Riches by Yuno Miles.


Yohan said...

This might be my bad, b. Stumbled on this song after her "Beating Down The Block" (which I personally like better) somewhere late december / beginning of january. Figured you knew it and you didn't like it.

Flo Milli is on a very worrying career trajectory and I have very low hopes for her new project.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I much much much prefer this to Beating Down The Block.

Dank said...

This gets my seal of approval