Monday, 27 June 2022

Diamond D & The Psycho-Spiritual Neurotic

"Being a human being is abrasive
They throw you on the job without no orientation
It's not like everyday I need a standing ovation
Before I leave I'd like to leave a couple of traces
Roll the dice and move ahead a couple of spaces
Shed the fear of flying and defy limitation
Recognise the signs and their interpretation
Take an ancient science and apply innovation
I'm not one to make haste or stay patient
So every single day is like a paid vacation"

Homeboy Sandman - Fruit Day 1
(From I Can't Sell These album; 2022)

Marky Mark, The Mighty Ducks, Good Vibrations on my fave song from Homeboy Sandman's new Lost Tapes type album. Conclusive proof that every New York rapper of note should beatjack Diamond D's Freestyle (Yo That's That Shit) for a Lyrical Exercise song. But then, you knew that already if you've heard Sean Price's 60 Bar Dash, right?


Spartan said...

Some really dope cuts on his new album.

Homeboy needs to bless Fugarock with his raps after hearing Aural For Young Lovers.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That could definitely work.

Anonymous said...

What are some other good Lost Tapes type projects? The Camp Lo one comes to mind

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Camp Lo sorta have two because Stone And Rob Caught On Tape is a compilation of 12"/rare/unreleased songs.

Khayree's Musical Life Of Mac Dre Vol 3 with all the non-album/unreleased songs from 1996 to 1998 is a favourite.

As is The Further Adventures Of Slick Rick The Ruler with a buncha his unreleased songs + a few remixes.

Plus Rakim's Unreleased compilation.

L.A said...

Gonna check this out.

Anonymous said...

The Beatnuts U.F.O. Files is a good lost tapes comp.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Definitely. I wish I'd bought that CD when it came out because it goes for too much now 🙁

D said...

Snoops got an incredible lost tapes that that canadian company who bought death row in the 00s put out, lotof which wasnt in all the unauthorized dogg pound n snoop albums suge released

Kwest tha mad ladds these are my unreleased recordings might be better than his real album

Mac from no l8mit has a good one iirc

J-loves various series esp mobb deep ones

Dj Quik - death row sessions + underground demo

Waynes carter 3 bootlegs + The Leak ep are like the last rly great wayne music

Been digging into the tupac underground comps lately theyre good but like 7 volumes to dig through

Not the same thing really, more b-side n features comps but
UGK - Side Hustles, suga free+ devin appearances comps n de la - clear lake auditorium are classics

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Good call on the Snoop one.

Mobb Deep's Infamous Archives disc two is essential.

De La kinda have one with that The Impossible: Mission CD.

D said...

Ah yeh v true on De La.

Forgot one of my favs - MOP ghetto warfare. Mental how well they meshed w the roc sound. If only theyd done more g unit songs, another one from that era woulda been class. They went from two labels who had access to the best glossy east coast production available to working w borks n australians good grief

And not shouting anymore for some reason, why do all these old rappers w the best deliveries start whispering smh

S/o shelved albums too - black bastards, the ultimate force album, one dead indian, the live squad album, the weird q-tip ones, 2nd ii nones death row album

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Instigator and What The Fuck are absolute peak M.O.P.

Devin's got that Lost Tapes type album Hi Life which Rap-A-Lot released to spite him on the same day as his first post-R-A-L album. Love that one for rescuing Yo' Ho from total obscurity. Definitely some other jams on there too.