Monday 28 February 2022

Generic list post: February 2022

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when the bottom (and chest) fell out of my TV world. British teatime television without Neighbours? Yo, that's like jewels without ice, China without rice, or Smooth B without Greg Nice. Words I never thought I'd type: BRING BACK RICHARD DESMOND AS CHANNEL 5 BOSS!

Stezo ft. Dooley-O - Piece Of The Pie (1990/2004)
C-Funk - Lime In Ya Coconut (1995)
C-Funk - O.G Schwang (1995/2008)
Playa G - Drink A Yak (original version) (1996)
Edan - Dope Rhymes For Sure (2001)
Seiji Oda - Like This (2020)
Seiji Oda - Colors (2021)
Young Jr - Bird Walk (2022)
AD - All I Do (2022)
Tinashe - Naturally (2022)

Other notables: I need a no Auto-Tune mix of Eatem & Dwill's Rock Paper Scissors; quite like Homeboy Sandman's The Only Constant even though he's kinda irksome on it; drumless Warren G is far better than drumless Faux Marciano rappers; unfortunately for my taste, Duke Deuce & Rico Nasty's Falling Off is more like a Rico Nasty song featuring Duke Deuce rather than a Duke Deuce song featuring Rico Nasty.

Other stuff: felt compelled to note how white guys on the Rap Internet look like members of Pop-Punk bands and took a trip down teenage Crimes Against Clobber™ lane. Also enjoyed Party Sparty on non-American movie soundtrack Funk jams and some bloke from The Guardian talking to Street Sounds CEO Morgan Khan.


Anonymous said...

Neighbours jumped the shark with the Finn Kelly storylines. The resurrection of Dee/Dee's long-lost identical evil twin was the final nail in the show's coffin. Also, after decades of being the home of twee racism/homophobia, Ramsay Street has undergone a cringe worthy polyamorous gender fluid course-overcorrection.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Wrong answer, Dino. Finn and fake Dee are two of the shows G.O.A.T villains. Plus, my own personal fave villain fake Dee's mum Heather.

Spartan said...

Great to see some of my fave blogs appreciating Tinashe's Naturally. Excellent tune.

Thanks again for the shout-out, blud.

Anonymous said...

Rob Mills and Madeline West made the most of their roles but their stories were rubbish. Also, the show did Sharon Johal and Eve Moray dirty so fuck it.

Anonymous said...

Really glad Tinashe got off RCA went independent and is making some interesting music. Don’t like all of it but she’s got some jams.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fake Dee is a top 10 Neighbours storyline of all time, no imho necessary. But I'll agree about Sharon Johal and Eve Morley.

Yohan said...

"Bird Walk" is the first 2022 song I really like.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's definitely 2022's first song with a Tasmainian Devil B.G flow.