Wednesday 16 February 2022

Re-up Gong: Edan Deep Cuts

~~ Edan - Deep Cuts ~~
1. The E's Have It ft. Skillz Ferguson (1999)
2. Migraine (O.G mix) (1999)
3. Drop Some Smooth Lyrics (2001)
4. Adrenaline Rush ft. Skillz Ferguson (2001)
5. Dope Rhymes For Sure (2001)
6. Clinical Rhymes ft. Skillz Ferguson (2002)
7. Schoolly D Knew The Time (2002)
8. Emcees Smoke Crack (remix) (2002)
9. I'll Come Running Back To You (2002)
10. Rap Beautician (2002)
11. Funky Rhyming (2005)
12. Real Bad Promo (2018)

Geological poop, I got shit straight and updated my Edan Deep Cuts playlist with a couple of songs I'd slept on. Dope Rhymes For Sure should be retitled Dope Song Full Stop and Rap Beautician is Edan's musical manifesto on wax. His M.O: a smart-arse Jewish Rap nerd who did his own beats, cuts and rhymes, and created his own sound by combining Percee P circa 1992 with Paul's Boutique era Beastie Boys. It probably shouldn't have worked, but it very much did. Check back this time next year to see if I've finally added Beautiful Food.

Bonus beats: you know how Edan has a boner for early 60s British Rock? Betcha he'd love How by The Jynx. Can't decide whether this shit is like The Monkees doing a Merseybeat song or if it's like a Merseybeat band doing a Monkees song. Either way, it has the illest Dingle alley cat harmonica.
The Jynx - How
(From How single; 1964)


Spartan said...

I get that rappers can out stay there welcome with the amount of music they pump out, but I really wish Edan stopped treating his music like it's Fawlty Towers and released more material.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Really thought he was gonna comeback after he dropped Real Bad Promo and the EP with Sandman.

Yohan said...

I'm a fan of Edan, even though I'm generally not really into underground/backpack rap. Some of his songs seriously sound good, which I find to be a rare quality in experimental rap.

Also LOL @ Sprain Your Audiomack.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I wouldn't say he was particularly experimental. He was just having fun making his own peculiar take on Golden-Age Rap.

Yohan said...

That's, of course, a much better description.

L.A said...

Good work.

D said...

Just realized this doesn't have problematic fav Run That Shit on it

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That's on Primitive Plus as well, so it's not a deep cut.

Definitely top 3 Edan song tho.