Monday, 26 April 2021

Curtis Jones' Future Shock

Cajmere - So Happy
(From So Happy single; 2021)

Some shit I wasn't expecting to find this morning: a new Cajmere choon based around James Brown's I'm Satisfied which sounds as Dirt McGirt Cajploitation as I'd hoped it would. Crazy visionz, BOOM: Cajmere's alter-ego Green Velvet is the ideal person to bring James Brown's batshit crazy late 70's TV show Future Shock back to life amirite?

Bonus beats: City Girls recently interpolating Percolator got me thinkin' about other Cajmere songs primed for rappers to use. Somebody could REALLY have their wicked way with Let Me Be, though that somebody preferably wouldn't be Kid Cudi, Vic Mensa or Makonnen.

Cajmere - Let Me Be
(From Underground Goodies Vol. 4 EP; 1992)


Anonymous said...

damn and i was listening to this earlier today

this is hard though

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I wish there was audio of when I saw him as Green Velvet at Bugged Out in the 90's 😕

David said...

Have you ever heard Craig Loftis' "Jimmy Go Boom"? probably my favorite chicago house james brown (the JBs "I Feel Alright" from his live at the Apollo pt 2 from 1967) flip:

used to get played a lot in the mix with a similar remix of "harlem" by Bill Withers, "Mirror Dance" by Afefe Iku, and white label house remixes of natalie cole's cover of michael franks "

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Mmmm tasty.

Need to hear that in a mix alongside this new Cajmere and Mic Terror's Juke Them Hoes.