Thursday, 8 April 2021

Wax on, piss off

A buncha unreleased peak-era Casual songs? YAY! A 'vinyl driven release'? NAY!

Limited edition boutique Rap records are for Hypebeast teenagers on Instagram and middle-aged men who'd be stamp collectors or model railway enthusiasts if they'd never discovered Hip-Hop. Wax is a vastly-overrated format anyway - I give 12" singles their props but that's where it stops because vinyl has always been a useless format for Rap albums. Picture me paying money for an album on a format I can't play in a car or I can't even program out all the stupid skits about farts and blowjobs? GTFOH and take your pleas for crowd funding with you, m8.

Someone tell Dante he can keep the song with Everlast, though. I dunno what if it's Plastic Paddy-era Everlast or Wooden Guthrie-era Everlast but ain't nobody wanna hear any incarnation of that guy on a 90's Casual song.


Yohan said...

Casual's "Fear Itself" is my personal equivalent of a west coast Raekwon's OB4CL, especially comparing their crews.

I'll admit I'm not super familiar with Hieroglyphics outside of Casual, like 2 Del albums and the usual hits. Anything else out of their camp worth listening to?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

First Souls Of Mischief album and Casual's Meanwhile album.

Casual's He Think He Raw album has a handful of jams - I Gotta (Get Down), Studio D, Turf Dirt and Shakedown. The rest of it really sux tho.

L.A said...

Good title lol.

Love some Casual.

noz said...

"turkey & dressing" is the real classic from sds era casual imo

there is a track on the big everlast album featuring casual and sadat x over the rammellzee beat that i remembered liking but i'm listening to it now and everlast just said something about "making panties drop"

and yeah they just need to start doing bandcamp dumps on this type of shit already, dudes are remastering everything digitally anyway and i'm tired of having to choose between a $35 four track 12" with hideous blocky fonts on the labels that somehow sounds crackly on the first needle drop or waiting six months for the crosley grade 192kbps vinyl rip to maybe pop up on soulseek, whoever runs dope folks should be sentenced to life in prison for crimes against the archive

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'll never understand why Casual put Turkey And Dressing on the album after He Think He Raw when it was a Stimulated era 12". I remember a Dante Ross IG post where he said he didn't even remember putting that song out let alone recording it 😄

Anonymous said...

This sounds hot.