Thursday 9 July 2020

True story or no story reprise

"Ay, n*ggas slide but we don't scam
I just bought another glizzy, it's a grown man
Yeah, it bust moves but it don't dance
I should call him peanut butter 'cause he don't jam"

Mac J - Free Bris
(From YouTube; 2020)

Turns out I was wrong - this other Mac J track is #actually the most Front Page Of slap of 2020 thus far. Damn, Bris' sidekick/patna has some serious gas in him. Also see: Siccame which makes the ideal B-side to this.

"He ain't got on headphones so I know he heard
N*gga you ain't paralysed, bitch,you got ther nerve
He was dissin' on the first, he dead on the third
I run up in ya house, we call it a purge
N*gga this a life lesson, you live and you learn
Now his soul in the sky, it look like a bird
I call him Lil' Saint, that n*gga got served"

Mac J - Siccame
(From YouTube; 2020)


Smell Rell said...

Sacramento 2020 >>> the Bay 2020.

Yohan said...

Thanks for those songs. Love that Forgot About Me track in particular, but all 4 bang hard.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"Treat the glock like cheeks, bitch I need a squeeze
Bogeyman when they see me get the heebie-jeebs"