Friday 24 July 2020

Song, Why Isn't You Here?

"Bitch, I ain't never had no home trainin'
I run up in my job yellin' F*CK YOU, PAY ME!"

Flo Milli - White Girl Mia
(From Soundcloud; 2018)

Why didn't Flo Milli just include White Girl Mia on her debut EP rather than use a snippet of it for the intro? Song is peak hoodrat Angelica from Rugrats Brat-Rap in the Flo Milli canon. Really doe, twelve songs isn't an EP - it's an LP masquerading as an EP because major labels are terrified of classifying anything as an album in case it flops. If the label are all up in the game with the rules twisted then they shoulda just maximised this opportunity and included My Attitude, Eat It Up, and Iconic anyway for the full Flo Milli Shit™ experience.

Thankfully the generic Auto-Tune fuckery and cameos from hacks like Tyga and Gunna I feared didn't materialize on this LP-in-EP's-clothing. In fact, the most radio-friendly song on here might be the highlight of the new tracks. Don't cha wish all Rap radio had character like Flo Milli?

"He love my aura, when he with you he be bored
If he call I press ignore, I'm overseas in Bora Bora"

Flo Milli - Pussycat Doll
(From Ho, Why Is You Here? EP; 2020)


GGGGGG said...

I remember when Young Thugs label dropped Barter 6 as his album and then quickly pretended it was a mixtape when it didn't do as well as expected.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The ultimate switcheroo.

Anonymous said...

Labels also don’t call things albums so they can keep artists in those f’ed up deals longer.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ideal tracklist:

White Girl Mia
In The Party
Beef FloMix
My Attitude
Not Friendly
Like That Bitch
Eat It Up
Pussycat Doll

Call it Millmatic, natch.

Anonymous said...

Do a zip.

Yohan said...

Loved this EP/LP thing, I think it's my favourite release of the year. Also agreed with your proposed tracklist, though I would also add '19'. On first listen, I'd indeed say Pockets Bigger, May I and Scuse Me stick out on the negative side a bit. I don't mind Scuse Me's verses and beat, the hook does bog it down to a 2,5/5 song yo, imho.

The EP clocks out to a precise 30 minutes, maybe that's the reason why they label it an EP? Also why they maybe left off My Attitude and/or the full White Girl Mia tracks? Or maybe we'll see a 'Deluxe' version of this EP/LP in a few weeks which add these tracks?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I was thinking that about a deluxe too since every major label release seems to get one nowadays. Best have White Girl Mia and Iconic on there.

Yohan said...

^ In which case My Attitude should've made the cut instead of Beef (FloMix), with the latter being included on the Deluxe version for that extra push.

Also, lol @ Nelly releasing a Deluxe Edition of Country Grammar with 2 extra bonus tracks 20 years after the fact. Didn't we use to call those Anniversary Editions?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Can't work out why they left My Attitude off there when it seems to be her most streamed 2020 song.