Saturday, 18 May 2019

**Max B on Why You Do That voice**

Ya host is like "I don't even like Durk-core BUT.. but I fuck with this new Polo G shit right here!" This that grown & gorgeous shit with #bars and pathos for the summer, the winter, 4th quarter, whatever... owwww. Soul shit.

"I've been scarred by your love, left my heart bleedin’
My soul posted in the shadow with some dark demons
I'm on the E-way in a fast foreign car speedin'
.223s spit out quick when that chopper ringin’
We ain't never duckin' beef, bitch, we not vegan
My lil' n*ggas 'bout that action, they be Glock-squeezin'
Red beams on his head, now his top leakin'
I heard that boy got manned down and now the opps grievin'"

Polo G - Deep Wounds
(From t'internet; 2019)

For posterity, bonus beats:


Yohan said...

Amazing find, love the song.

GGGGGG said...

Got me in my feelings.

PepePepe said...

New Max B is awe inspiring

SE said...

This bangs. Durk-core is right. Has he been acknowledged as a Keef/Wayne-ian Father Of the Modern Style?

Anonymous said...

new Max B

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Can I get a no Auto-Tune mix?