Monday, 17 September 2018

School of Dumb Knocks

Too Hard For Da Fuckin' Radio but not too Xxxtra Mannish for a school talent show: it's 18 year old Mac Dre kickin' edutainment on stage at Hogan High in 1989. Same cazals as the Young Black Brotha EP sleeve, dipped in white like Casper The Furly Ghost, DJ Cee behind the decks orchestrating the boom-slap, a trio of Crestside wenches shakin' it like Hillside rear view mirrors, a couple of Romper Roomers movin' like Vallejo's answer to Scoob & Scrap, and an auditorium of young cuddies & cuddettes doing the '89 equivalent of Goin' Dumb.

... No wonder the Hogan Gospel Choir ended up as bridesmaids on their own turf.

Bonus beats: the 1990 California Livin' demo.


D said...

Fucking hell man where is this mac dre vault n can I have the combination? Love the idea of him doing a song about being too dirty for radioplay, at a school.

Huh he went to the same school as 40.

hotbox said...

video is much better quality than you would expect from 1989 school talent show

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

*Sheek Louch voice*

They didn't go to Hogan High, they went to Hogan high.

Smell Rell said...

He should have worn white kicks tho.