Friday 7 September 2018

Late pass!

"Daddy, I'll hoe for you
Run up in the sto' for you
Do what I'm supposed to do
My bottom bitch"

Calvin T - Bottom Bitch
(From YouTube; 2014)

File this under ‘shut ya mouths when middle-aged mack rappers is spittin' game!’

Follow the instruction because without the instruction you're headed for self-destruction: get the underrated slap, don't forget to get the underrated slap, and when you get the underrated slap hip me to the underrated slap! Hat tip to Bishop Donal Juan for puttin' me onto this Calvin T tabernacle of funky uncle JackRabbit Bugzy pimp rap par excellance. Pimpin' ain't dead, it just moved to the web foreal foreal.

Before Mello-T there was Calvin T: hat tip to Fred for hippin' me to that 80's Calvin tabernacle. Same soup, just the O.G recipe.


GGGGG said...

D is the goat Martorialist commenter

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fun fact: Donal's very first comment on here was on some post where I mentioned Thierry Henry's #HandOfFrog against Ireland in the 2009 World Cup qualifiers.

supremeblaqsquare said...

1[] somehow never heard a single track like this one by above the law
2[] play this lord digga track back to back with GANGSTA by agallah, can't realy find anything to fullfill my MURMANSK MORNING playlist
3[] also think bout making a mixtape dedicated to INDACLUBTYPEBEATS with coocoocalinmyprojects.flac, trae_the_truth_-_so_gangsta.mp3
4[] this hatin_a_jew guy got like first listenable\good kinda-trap track in a long ass time
5[] is there anything interesting on chivago bop scene right now? checked couple of new and not so new mbe and sicko mobb tracks and they are in fact dissapointing

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Turd Butt is reborn?

This Chollo slap is the best thing I've heard by him.

Add Blue Roxies by Ike Eyes to your Arkhangelsk Afterparty playlist.

I haven't heard a Bop song I've liked since Feel The Breeze by Lil' Chris & Cago Leek, and that was 2015.

D said...

lol was that it, an emotional time for my ppl.

I think were ripe for a Magic Mike revival too. Not a Magic Mike revue though, Calvins already got the Kevin Nash demo covered pedalling round Richmond w his tits out.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

This 2015 song is the only Calvin T slap I can find on official retail/streaming sites.

D said...

Ah yeh I heard that actually. I also came across this heavy early Hus song that was on a comp he was on when I was looking

D said...

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Wow, Husalah saying "knockers"

d said...

Carry On Yoking

supremeblaqsquare said...

6[] russian rappers are probably the only species in the world of rap game who allowed to rap over death+in+june songs

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Cheers to Frank G for puttin' me onto this podcast with some unreleased noughties Calvin T (go to 36:20)

Turns out the video version of Bottom Bitch is actually a remix because the O.G version has a different beat and was from 2007. Video version is better though, imho.

Fred said...

Thanks for the heads-up, and nice to hear that Calvin-T is still slappin'. That podcast is crazy, there's Expression Direct (one of the thuggest and funkiest french bands of the 90's) and Prophets Of Rage on there, sick!

Around 2010 I downloaded a tape by a Bay dude named Young Pone which featured Magic Mike on it, and on an online convo some guy was saying that Magic Mike used to be a Bay legend. Word on the online street was that he used to be a real pimp at some point, and that's also why he went to jail. Not sure how much is true but there you go.

I uploaded the Young Pone tape, Ready For Whateva, and Magic Mike's Old Game With A New Twist (which has an insane cover art)for you guys, here are the links:

They are at 128 kbps but keep in mind it's stuff downloaded from an obscure blog of the megaupload era.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

👍Nice one. Will dl when I get home.