Tuesday 17 October 2017

Kickin' tinny rap songs off the Earth part 2

What do Elvis Presley, Sid Vicious, Shane McGowan, Limp Bizkit, the Fat Dancer from Take That, Fetty Wap & Monty, and the Kung Fu lass Queen Key have in common? They've all rewritten My Way in their own image. And what special quality do My Way and Kung Fu have in common? Whether you're in the house like LL Cool J or in the car like like Ivan Locke, both songs will leave your speakers as nuked as Queen Key's pizza.

"Meanwhile I'm turnt as f*ck
I left my pizza in the oven, that bitch burnt as f*ck"

Queen Key - My Way
(From My Way single; 2017)

PS: Sid Vicious woz innocent! It woz the mysterious Michael lad wot done Nancy Spungen in.


GGGGGG said...

Girls with lisps >>>>>>

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Didn't know Beeda Weeda had a My Way too until Nef jacked it last week.