Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Your arms too short to Talkbox with Zapp & Rog'

Coulda swore I've previously posted about Glory's Let's Get Nice, but blogspot's search function tells me it was all a dream, I used to read Empire magazine. Before Arthur Baker and Maurice Starr & Michael Jonzun signed to Tommy Boy Records and became Electro pioneers, the 3 of them were in a little-known Disco group by the name of Glory who recorded one of the G.O.A.T vocoder-funk tunes. This is the music that the alien mothership in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind shoulda used to communicate with Earth:

Glory - Let's Get Nice (7" mix)
(From Let's Get Nice 7" single; 1981)

The shortened 7" mix of Let's Gets Nice pops in places that the regular 12" mix merely bubbles, thus the former is the definitive version. One truncation under a groove, gettin' edited down just for the funk of it.

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