Friday 2 December 2016

She say you annoyin' like a splinter

"Bitch, you 'bout make me flash
Finna get on ya nerves like I'm a rash
You ain't poppin', bitch, you know you trash
And I'm just statin' facts
If you don't like it, fuck it, we can scratch
Light your ass up like you was a match"

Jay Lewis ft. WNC Whop Bezzy - GYAB
(From YouTube; 2016)

... as in Get Yo' Ass Beat. Surprised this is the first WNC-related song to reach a million views on YouTube since it's not one of the more immediate songs in the Wreck-N-Crew oeuvre, but its charms slowly reveal themselves like as all mid-tempo Baton Rouge fight songs tend to do. Shit might be the best example of that particular sub-genre of Louisiana rap since Mista's Going Down, and Jay Lewis outdoes Whop with his own style - "Say lil' bitch don't make me flash like a picture/I stay in that water like a pickle!"


Anonymous said...

the reason this one has so many views is b/c the DJ Ya Boy Earl line about messing with kids and about him having AIDS etc.

so everyone was tripping about that when it dropped.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That makes sense.