Tuesday 20 December 2016

It was the moment I feared

"To all you artists out there who don't wanna record songs where the producer's all up on that shit with a feature credit...all up on the artwork photoshopped.... don't work with Ryan Hemsworth!"

Don't even front like Mistletoe is one of the canonical Nef The Pharaoh loosies à la No Masturbation - shit is a pure throwaway that's good for a handful of listens tops. Fair play, though, because it's better than Nef's official new single with Sleazy G, and it's a Helluva lot more fun than an Xmas song produced by some cloud-rap also-ran from The Wavery has any right to be. Christmas really 'tis the luckiest season.

Ryan Hemsworthless finally being involved in a half-decent song after all these years gotta be the rap equivalent of the infinite monkey theorem.


Queezy said...

That one with G-Eazy is a hot mess

Anonymous said...

Ryanair Hemsworth

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

How much of an entitled egomaniac do you have to be to demand a feature credit/your face on the artwork of a song you produced?

Tesse Wolfson said...

Canadians are cocky!! I've been trying to tell people this! Canadians aren't annoying because they're polite, they're annoying because they're polite but they still think they're better than you!!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Realest shit you ever wrote.

I dunno how you can think you're better than anyone else when you buy milk in plastic bags.