Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I believe I can fly

Lil' Chris ft. Birdy Montana - Peter Pan (video mix)
(From YouTube; 2015)

Basically, an extended video mix of Peter Pan from the Trappin' & Rappin' EP where Lil' Chris lets Jeremih and Krept & Konan know that he has "I AM AN AIRPLANE!" dance moves too.

Me, I'm waitin' on a Days Go Bye video by DGainz. I got crazy visions already, boom: Lil' Chris sittin' alone in a 4 cornered room staring at ticking clocks; the treatment premise would read Mac Ten Handle meets the Countdown conundrum.

Lil' Chris - Days Go Bye
(From Trappin' & Rappin' EP; 2015)


Rumb said...

Homie in the Nike Windbreaker needs to size up.

Anonymous said...

what up nigga so i found ur site just yesterday googling a certain group u feel me n im readin thru ya posts n shit n i must say like u took the words skr8 out my mouf

i got some unreleased zmoney 4 ya. unreleased lil herb. unreleased vic mensa. unreleased father. unreleased key!. scream at me.

hit my email-
reply to this post n put which email u emailin me from so i kno which 1 to reply to ya hurd cuz im sure deez niggas gon try to troll me into thinkin it's u das emailin me

Shapey Fiend said...

Rap game Rudy Ruettiger.

Anonymous said...

^same anon as before, i know wavriel, gabriel marquez, gabe marquez, whatever u wanna call him, aka smackdahoe, whatever whatever, aka mp3rackedup, etc. the mexican nigga that ran the-wavery group and told bitches that he wanted to fuck that "squadda b is a nigger" even though he was promoting him heavy. i got all the scoop. holla at ya boy

Catfish said...

"Days Go Bye" is a jawn

Zwoop nation said...

What the hell is going on in these comments why would anyone want unreleased material from any of those dudes except maybe, maybe, maybe ZMoney. Maybe.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Where's your unreleased Bandman Kevo shit, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

@Si Mane Price

i dont got unreleased bandman kevo

wavriel/gabe's dad is a mexican nigga in jail for life but the dude has AIDS lol shit's hilarious cuz he always brags about his dad. he leaves out the AIDS part though. found out from a bitch he was blackmailing for nudes. oh. and he blackmailed a lotta bitches who were trying to rap, or who found other ways to have their 15 secs of fame.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Did he ever blackmail Chippy Nonstop?

Anonymous said...

^I can't confirm that, however, plenty people got Chip's nudes or seen her titties... She's (was?) loose like that. I don't see why he'd blackmail her since everybody got her shit

Anonymous said...


^i tried figuring out who this was about... and the only thing that makes sense to me is Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. I just don't know if he was ever part of The-Wavery though...... But that's the only guy that would make sense. I thought of Yung Gleesh too, since Wavriel was (maybe still is) his manager. But I checked the year end's list for 2010, 2011, and 2012, and Gleesh isn't on any of those lists. He's not on the Complex/Spin/Fader/RollingStones year end lists in those 3 years.


Mr Muthafuckin Exquire is. He fits the description. Someone who had nothing prior, check. Blew up off 1 track, check. If he didn't write his raps, then there was no way for him to continue, and this dude has disappeared off the face of the earth... so he fits the criteria.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nah, that was definitely Kitty Pride.

Anonymous said...

her song wasn't in no year-end's list and she was already releasing songs prior to that. but yeah they did write some of her lyrics, but she's not the experiment.