Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"Talkin' 'bout he want me to stick my finger in my booty!"

Juke Life - Booty Hole
(From Soundcloud; 2011)

File this under ‘Soundcloud & Bullshit songs in a Dormtainment stylee which really need ad libs from Big Tigger in WBITCH mode.’ Main fella on this wins the Freak Of The Week award for that "go further up your back way past your tits/control you from your ass like a ventriloquist" lyric. Ease back there, Matthew Corbett.

Hat tip to some crazy ass blogger named ANU for this one. WBBBBBITCH where the W stands for finger near a blogger's arsehole like Whoa.


GGGGG said...

Is this from Chicago?

Si Mane Price said...

I assume so.

Remix with Mic Terror back on his Juke Them Hoes/Can I Borrow A Feeling type shit would work.

sisilafami said...

actually i got it from noz

Anonymous said...

Si Mane Price said...


Mercer is a dead riger for a certain other internet personality Faneto has been mistaken for on a couple of occasions, imo.