Saturday 4 April 2015

Why does KanYe West say "we want Fetty Wap" in Gold Digger?

Audio Push are one of those rap groups I always root for even though they've rarely dropped anything that's soundtracked my IRL exploits. Since hookin' up with Hit Boy a couple of years back they've either tended come up with the goods on Hit Boy's own shit or had their own hot shit ruined by intolerable guest rappers with a history of ruining hot singles. Normally here manages to avoid such pitfalls and features the illest harp in a rap song since Godfather Don's Da Bomb Baby, but Hit Boy still couldn't resist going all Liberachre by switching the beat up at the end for no good reason other than Gold Digger is his favourite KanYe song. He got that tinkering tradition, baby - look at his oeuvre!

"Keep bitches out your business
Keep a woman by your side
And don't mistake the two
Because if you break them rules you could lose your life
And that's the reason why..."

Audio Push - Normally
(From t'internet; 2015)

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lol @ title