Thursday 23 April 2015

Did Noisey get Migos arrested?

The ghost of Noisey-past: Tha Pumpsta in 2005.

It's a documented fact that Noisey unintentionally ruined the lives of at least 4 black teenagers when the site's BLK PPL SELL LEAN ON INSTAGRAM!! exposé resulted in multiple arrests a couple of years ago, but now t'internet is suggesting that Noisey's staff have taken time out from making endless unfunny ‘Migos are better than The Beatles’ memes to get Quavo, Offset & the other one scooped up by the alphabet boys.

Here at The Martorialist we may mock Noisey for paying one of Brendan Soderberg's mates to fly to Chicago and pretend to be a heroin addict so he could ask Englewood drug dealers whether they preferred Citgo to Love Sosa, but we shan't be blaming the site for Migos gettin' bagged until some very pertinent questions are asked:

Are the FEDS who arrested Migos the only people over the age of 17 who've ever watched a Noisey rap documentary?

Will rap ever recover from Migos not being able to release any more terrible mixtapes with one good song?

Is it fair to blame Drew Millard for this when Troy Ave and Brian "B.Dot" Miller ran him outta New York months ago?

What does Joe Bish think about all this?


Ruben said...

Noisey U.K is generally good.

It's just Noisey U.S which is a joke.

GGGGGGG said...

I forgot about the lean thing. So fucked up.

Piff said...

Tha Pumpsta is a blast from the past haha.

SE said...

As much as I like to hate on some (most) of Noisey's rap coverage, it seems like Migos snitched on themselves. YRN has at least 6 good songs, but you're on point for the rest of the bunch.

Dead @ The Pumpsta. I think about that guy all the time even tho I forgot his name. An extremely prescient piece of yellow-troll journalism.

yeldarb said...

Lol @ all this

Anonymous said...

where can i read about who got arrested from the lean article?

Lost Art said...

Fuckin grasses, lid