Friday 10 April 2015

A Consequence compilation 4 u

"The words that I say prove Cons' got raps
And everything'll change once Cons' got stacks
'Cause n*ggas gonna start wheezin' like an asthma attack
Saying ‘we's gonna do this’ and ‘we's gonna do that’
But we's don't fuck around, let's keep it like that"

This is the post where I attempt to convince you that Consequence is an unfairly maligned figure in rap history. You're excused if you've previously dismissed him as Q-Tip's rapping cousin with the proto-Rylan Clark dentures and little more than a couple of great singles to his own name because I bought into much the same notion until last year when it suddenly dawned on me that he's the best weed carrier KanYe has ever and I decided to give his catalogue a fair shake.

Turns out dude was pretty nice with his during the decade between his demo-on-wax in 1997 and his debut album Don't Quit Your Day Job in 2007. He's one of the few post-1996 N.Y rappers to have paid attention when Positive K and Grand Puba were teachin' mathematics on how to talk slick, and he plays the role of the Tog Dog Underdog with this idiosyncratic combination of spitefulness and empathy that could only be possessed by a true long-term weed carrier relishing his time in the spotlight after years spent out in rap's wilderness recording songs with Mike Zoot for German record labels.

More importantly, he had joints you can bump in the car that'll stop whoever has the aux cord wantin' to have you at gunpoint in the car, so I made compilation of his best shit. Raise a toast to Cons' Air - the only rapper to ever get me open enough to memorise an entire Talib Kweli guest verse.

Consequence - Give Cons' A Chance (Compilation)

1. Rock-N-Roll (1997)
2. Consequences (ft. Q-Tip) (1998)
3. N*ggas Get Knocked (1999)
4. A.S.R.F (2002)
5. 1988 (2002)
6. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (ft. KanYe West) (2002)
7. It's Over (2002)
8. Yard 2 Yard (ft. Rhymefest) (2002)
9.Getting Out The Game (ft. KanYe West) (2003)
10. Take It As A Loss (ft. KanYe West) (2003)
11. Wack N*ggas 2 (ft. Common, KanYe West & Talib Kweli) (2004)
12. Caught Up In The Hype (2005)
13. Job Song (2007)
14. Callin' Me (2007)
15. Don't Forget 'Em (2007)



Ruben said...

Kweli was always better than Mos Def.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

EVERYONE was always better than Mos Def.

Daps said...

Haha poor Mike Zoot is so often butt of indy-rap jokes these days. I always found him a pretty amusing rapper with a handful of decent 12"s.

Datpiff Snitch said...

I always liked the shit with Kanye so i'll give this a go.

step one said...

nice work. some thing on here I have't heard before. I'd throw in The Chase pt II (off the Award Tour 12") as that's the first time I heard him. Also quite liked this briefly back in 2010

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Avoided all the stuff with Tribe 'cause I wanted this to cover the 10 years between Rock-N-Roll and his debut album.

If I'd have gone further than 2007, Alphabet Boys would have definitely been on there.

Anonymous said...

Props on this one.

Fred Piles said...

Complety unnecessary yet essential dedication to the goat weed holder.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Future Satute To Weed Carriers post: why Consequence is better than Milano.