Sunday, 19 May 2013

You can say whatcha want, just spell my name right!

I present you with post # 1 in a new series that'll probably run by the official title of Great MC UGK moments in Rap Internet history should it return, beginning with the Guru interview video on where Solar was billed as Solo :

ROFL where u stand! Still waiting on an in-depth expose on Guru's fascinating relationship with the "super producer" who was known for beats that sound like children playin' patty-cake on paper plates and breathtakingly brazen Walter Mitty stories, BTW. Questions I need answers to, damnit! :

Did Gang Starr really split up because Primo shagged Guru's sister?

Is it true that Guru changed the cover of his Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures album with Solar because Agent B from Oh Word made fun of its original artwork?

Was Solar really bumming Guru as well as fleecing him?

Is Divine Rule the worst song ever made by a member of a top five Rap group?

Is Guru's last letter which read like an ode to Solar the most obviously ghostwritten work of fiction since Copywrite's sock-puppeted post on where he suggested Jay-Z was sending subliminals at him?

How did Solar manage to disappear without trace when he had the combined forces of the Gang Starr Foundation, Freddie Foxxx, that Bork who runs the DJ Premier blog and a couple of thousand northern Europeans on his trail?

If he was partial to penis, why couldn't Guru have bumped uglies with someone higher up the hip hop homo hierarchy than Solar like either of the Afrika Bams or Mister Cee?


Anonymous said...

Solar has at least 20 Youtube channel aliases he uses to post positive comments about himself.

CrowleyHead said...

In regards to your last question, maybe Guru is just not into bears.

sean done said...

I noticed a pattern in your Guru posts w you expressing disappointment in his taste in mickey, playing Cilla after the fact is a bit bro.

sean done said...

*a bit pointless*

Fredo Fantano said...

We didn't know the full extent of his homoerotic relationship with Solar until after he died!

done said...

Oh yeah, whoops.