Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The millennium Palko

I know we're supposed to hail Agent Orange as Cage's artistic apex, but I'll be damned if I'm riding for any song which starts with the line "I'm against the machine like Rage"; Dude should've stepped his 90's Rap-metal similes up and at least come with something creative like "I'll leave your mouth with no fronts like Dog Eat Dog!" instead, right? The original version of 54 (minus the cumbersome breakdowns of the LP version) my man Dan is actually the best record Cage ever made and it's his masterpiece because it sounded absolutely nothing like anything else he'd made at that point, possibly because he was still deluded enough to think that he could compete with Slim Shady-era Eminem :

Cage - 54 (original version)
(From 54 12"; 1999)

In reality, the best Cage could've hoped for back at the turn of the millennium was a really good undie N.Y Rap solo album in the vein of Scaramanga's 7 Eyes, 7 Horns LP, made from the best Mighty Mi and Alchemist beats from the Smut Peddlers LP and the 4 Mondee beats from the Yak Ballz EP. Alas, it wasn't to be and Cage's only real achievements of note after 54 were his embarrassingly hilarious identity-crisis after he discovered The Hives and checkerboard slip-ons at the age of 32, and his bankrupting of Def Jux after his Suicide Boy-bait album that El-P bet his entire label's budget on tanked spectacularly.


Boothe said...

"talk to pistols like Starscream"

Yeah, this is definitely my favorite Cage joint.

lol at this

Your ability to Moreau (yeah I used it as a verb) Rap, clothing and film can not be topped.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That's love right there, Boothe!

Alex said...

I'll play devils advocate and argue that some tracks off Movies For The Blind have aged better than you'd think. There may even be a gem or two on the Nighthawks album as well. It's a shame about how he turned out , but then again its doubtful that he could've matured into anything better. He's one of those people that seem destined to fuckup no matter what.

Fosterakahunter said...

"his bankrupting of Def Jux after his Suicide Boy-bait album that El-P bet his entire label's budget on tanked spectacularly."

You know what, that's the first time I've ever thought of that. Interesting theory.
I am (was) a Cage fan from the beginning up until the Def Jux LP, but I wasn't mad at him for realising his whiteness; he made a lot of good music before it all fell apart in an emo-pile. I blame the relationship with Shia LaBeouf.

Hugo Alexandre said...

That is a dope joint (54). I dug some stuff on Movies for the Blind too. And that EP with Tame had some okay shit. Stopped listening to dood after that How To Hurt A Fly sample...I dug the In-Outs joint on the Mighty Mi and Mr. Eon album. He had his moments in that 99-2002 backpack era. Have no clue what he did w Def Jux. Stopped listening to Def Jux after Fantastic Damage. Still dug that C-Rayz Walls freestyle on the Def Jux documentary.