Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rhyme Paisley

Apropos of mentioning his knack for transforming pretty good songs into quasi-classics the second he lays vocals on them a couple of weeks back, here's another example of Jackie Chain's phonetic wizardry via Pacman from his split Interstate Muzik mixtape with that Shamrock whigga from The White Rapper Show. Take it away, Craic Mick and Jet Ki' :

Shamrock & Jackie Chain - Pacman
(From Interstate Muzik mixtape; 2012)

That beat is like Money (Dollar Bill Ya'll) re-modelled for Nelly's friend with a pole in the basement (no Joseph Fritzl), and had Pacman been billed as ‘a new banger by Jackie Chain & some Huntsville second-stringer who happens to be black!’ then I dare say a few of our self-hating white blogger buddies stateside would've been all over this. Still, a Jackie solo version and a Danny Boyz-N-The-Hood remix where Shamrock teams up with a proper paddy reality TV contestant Rapper like Spiral the sex-pest from series 7 of Big Brother would both go down a treat like those 2 chicks who got hypnotized into taking a toot on the evil Irish gnome's blue-veined flute in Leprechaun In The Hood.

Yo, remember how the object of Spoiral's affections, Aisleyne, later went on to date Mike Tyson? The noughties were a bizarre fucking decade, mang.


Kilkenny "Dope" Gonzalez said...

World's colliding

done said...

Oh man, this tape even existing. This is a legit good song, Sham does the creepy whisper shit better than Berner.

Nothings gonna usurp this from the throne though:

Richard Tre Mane said...

You need to track him down and interview him.

done said...

This place is tiny, theres probably only like 3 degrees of separation too. Him and Scientific from season 6 shouldve formed a supergroup.

bradley said...

in the fingaz comments it says he has a club now!

done said...

Being fairly familiar with both Spiral and the country he lives in, I can say with some certainty he does not own property, let alone a club.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Spiral not an Irish property magnate of the Tom McFeely calibre?

done said...

Goes to show how little Spiral made off his 5 mins that he cant even be a slumlord in a country that has "shiestyness>>>>" in the constitution.