Monday, 24 September 2012

It's ya boy $hamrock AKA Yung Iri$h

AKA First Bourney from the Young Black Poteenagers!

Perhaps I'm being charitable because he recently made a banger with Jackie Chain, or maybe I'm just starved for new Rap since I haven't heard anything I've liked since Problem's Welcome To Molly Wood 2 mixtape a fortnight ago, but this intro from $hamrock's Money Green album really is sounding like an alternate opening track on Lil' Wyte's semi-classic Phinally Phamous CD right now. Whatever the case may be, forgive me, father, for I have truly sinned by posting this one :

"You don't know about this, mane
life started out as a bitch, mane.."

$hamrock - Money Green Intro
(From Money Green album; 2012)

So what if I just happened to be looking for any ol' thinly-veiled excuse to use than YBT pun and talk about why tubby whiggas like $hamrock always feel the need to cultivate chin-strap beards when it only draws attention to their double chins (seriously, why dey do dat dere?), because I'm so dedicated to this blog game shit that I just spent 69p on an MP3 of the Money Green Intro so you don't have to shell out your own skrilla for it. I'm not a fucken' blogger, though, man - I'm just writin' this shit because I love the Rap internet and I love seein' Google diddy-boppin' to my posts.


Anonymous said...

This is the one on the Shamrock

done said...

If theres anyone whos opinion you can trust on plastic paddy reality(telly) rap, its anyone from Ireland. So take that white guilt off this pleasure bruh.

And yeah thats a great opening line.

Richard Tre Mane said...

It's ya boy $hamrock AKA L.E.Prechaun Bogus Boy.

done said...

It's ya boy $hamrock AKA Dat Boy Brendan Grace AKA Tha Wind That Shakes The Barre AKA Lean Neeson AKA Steve Stuntin AKA ShiLayLo AKA Marty Diamonds Up Against That Wood Wheelan AKA G.O.O.D. Friday Agreement

Richard Tre Mane said...

Ultimately, I still think of Rap within the framework of 12" singles, and so I probably like this as much as I do because I need a B-side to his Pacman joint with Jackie.

done said...

That and my ethnicity are legit defences if anyone pulls our cards.

B-Side doesnt win this time though.

LuckyGang said...

Yung Irish just dropped a new video with Dangeruss from "Spring Breakers":

Richard Tre Mane said...

Mayn, has dude only got 1 t-shirt?