Sunday, 9 September 2012

Drugz ain't nuttin' but problemz

Rap game chonging raver in the Party-Hard-And-Grind-Your-Teeth GIF!!!!!!!!

"Yeah, I'm trippin'
pills got a n*gga's teeth grittin', I'm trippin'
think I'd got a backpack the way a n*gga trippin'
n*ggas got a problem with me, dawg, then I'm trippin' 'til I fall"

Problem - Trippin'
(From Welcome To Mollywood 2 mixtape; 2012)

Figured I should probably check out Problem's second Welcome To Mollywood 2 'tape since I was so enamoured with T.O from the first one. Bit disappointed that his ol' Juvenile soundin' ass ad libs and DJ Mustard's production are both conspicuous by their absence, but, damn, this kid is really gassin' now with his flair for zingers and perculiar turns of phrase as evidenced on Trippin' here. A lil' tip for all aspiring Rap producers out there : a simple air-raid siren sample can turn a 7/10 jam into a 10/10 classic.

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bradley said...

m-cat jaw rap