Tuesday, 29 June 2010

So, the Big Boi album..

A quick post since Big Boi is streaming his solo album in its entirity on Myspace. On an initial skimming-all-the-stuff-I'd-not-heard-before-while-eating-lunch listen, Daddy Fat Sax (despite apparently being based on as Fly By II by Blue; who knew Lee Ryan held so much influence in ATLanta?), Turns Me On with Sleepy Brown, Tangerine with T.I & Khujo, You Ain't No DJ with Yelawolf, and Hustle Blood with Jamie Foxx (the song would be better without his crooning I'll let it pass in this instance) are highlights and thankfully quash all fears that all the album's best songs had already been leaked with Royal Flush, Dubbz, Fo' Yo' Sorrows, Shine Blockas, Shutterbug, and Lookin' 4 Ya.

I'm still not feeling General Patton like that, but it's a decent enough album track alongside the likes of Follow Us and Night Night, and thankfully that song with Mary J. Blige has been consigned to the scrapheap. The main problem I'm hearing here, besides the fact that Sleepy should really do all the singing hooks on any OutKast related album, is that Feel Me AKA the song which played briefly at the start of the General Patton video and probably the most classically Dungeon Family sounding shit on here (ie. it'd sound good being played in a drop-top cadillac) is just the album intro which he doesn't actually rap over. Man, don't cha just hate it when rappers do that? De La's intro to Buhloone Mind State, The Chronic intro, KRS One Attacks from Return Of The Boom Bap, the intro with J. Prince from Till Death Do Us Part by Geto Boys, E-40's intro from In A Major Way, To All The Girls by the Beasties from Paul's Boutique, Ice-T's Home Of The Bodybag from O.G, the intro with Big Tymers from B.G's Chopper City In The Ghetto, Gang Starr's Daily Operation intro, and Hold On, Be Strong from 'Kast's own Aquemini would be some of the most obvious examples of great album intros which should've been turned into proper songs by having rapping on them, but here's a couple of less obvious favourites :

K-Rino - Intro (from Stories From The Black Book)

Basically, K-Rino talking in a funny voice over a killer Bar Kays sample. Wait, it might actually be The Commodores and not The Bar Kays? If I could remember what the song the sample was from I could look it up on the-breaks.com to see if anyone else had ever rapped over it, but knowing my luck it'd probably just turn out that someone really gay like Latryrx or Rick Ross had used it too.

Beatnuts - World Famous intro (from Stone Crazy)

So perfect is the album-setting intro to Stone Crazy that I feel like a whingeing cunt for even mentioning it here, but didn't we all pretty much start blogs in the first place to be whingeing cunts and vainly hope that the female contestants from tv quiz shows and rappers we post about reply to our posts about them? Well, didn't we?

Dre Dog - Intro (from The New Jim Jones)

Andre Nickatina was one weird bastard back in his early Dre Dog days, huh? Lil B should somehow jack the instrumental to this and rap over it, because it was kinda like some proto-Based type isht.


Ash said...

The intros to "Fear Of A Black Planet" and "Apocalypse '91" too, mate.

MF said...

Chuck starts rapping near the end of Lost At Birth so we have to disqualify that one, but good call on Contract On The World Love Jam.

Boothe said...

I've always liked the teaser interludes on Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

MF said...

Me too.

I'd do an album interludes which should've been songs post, but I wouldn't know where to start.

2SHIN said...

After a solid week of bumping the album (leaked in all it's 320kbps glory) I have to say I think I love this album.

That Jamie Foxx joint might be my favourite cut on the album, the bassline is nuts.

One of my recent favourite intros might be the one on Giggs new album, just because he talks about a "couple hot white chicks" at his XL launch party.

MF said...

Everyone needs a "couple hot white chix" every now and then.

Hustle Blood and Tangerine are definately the sexiest songs on there.

AlphaCityLC said...

That Nickatina intro is on that Clockwork Orange tip