Tuesday, 23 March 2010

That new E-40 is exactly what I meant..

..when I said rap songs about weed are preferable to the act of smoking weed in the post containing Blunt After Blunt by Lil' Slim Ft. Pimp Daddy recently :

E-40 Ft. Stressmatic - The Weed Man

So, is Berner the biggest weed dealer in the Bay/cracka-ass-cracka rapper that rappers work with for free dank now or somethin'? I thought he was just the hook-up for the Mob Figaz, and that '40 and the Sick Wid It crew had their own pet peckerwood weed hook-up in that Extreme chap?

Extreme ft. Turf Talk & Laroo - Money Long

Didn't west coast Gangsta-Rappers learn not to adopt crackas into their respective folds back in the early 90s? It's like a Jerry Heller and Tarrie B at Ruthless or Ice-T signing Everlast to Rhyme Synidicate type situation all over again.


brad said...


rick rock or droop-e production?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Unconfirmed as of yet.

I might have a sly wank over that Alicia lookin' chick in the Money Long video one day but the continuity error where Turf Talk raps about wearing a white tee but then wears a black tee in the video really annoys me.