Thursday, 4 March 2010

Martorial elegance # 39

Drop-crotch trousers have featured on catwalks and What Did You Wear Today? threads on the more adventurous fashion boards for a while now, but if there's anyone who has ingratiated Hammer-Pants to the average schmuck on the UK street it's him from JLS who looks like Robert Earnshaw :

And that's it for us at The Martorialist as far as saggin' goes, because when lil' ruffians and Hoorah-Henries alike can walk da mean northern streetz in pants gaffled from the set of Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves you know the jig is officially up. But where do we go from here? Do we start sportin' our kecks like Vince Gallo in Buffalo 66? We'd love to, but unfortunately we haven't got the arse for it, so we're gonna follow the lead of Eldridge Cleaver instead :

This keeps our whole heavily inspired by black American culture swag and crotch-obsession intact, but adds a touch of classic British tailoring a la the infamous codpieces of Henry VIII and Edmund Blackadder. Damn, we're medievally 2011 on datazz tonight, but let's shuffle along with the ghost of saggin' past one last time as we bring you a video of some black chil'ren dancing to Pumps And A Bump by Hammer.

Never forget, troops. Never forget.


Boothe said...


some shit needs to stay on the runway.

Or better yet, in the minds of these designers.

brad said...

mc hammer gifs and looking at porn when the missus is watching eastenders and corrie are what the internet was made for