Tuesday, 10 November 2009

We left it wet for you, Moz

We refer not to the time Barratt paid tribute to The Smiths at Salford Lads Club, but the bottle incident at Moz's Liverpool show the other night which a member of our team was behind. Business never personal, we were just seein' if Moz had the neccessary swag' to pull off gettin' hit square in the domepiece like Scott Hall on Nitro that time. But this ain't a post about Morrissey, this is about them boys from Texas :

UGK - I Left It Wet For You

One of the many things I love about UGK was that just when you thought they'd reached their plateau of gang$ta-rap greatness, they'd step it up another notch. Take I Left It Wet For You, for example. You'd think they couldn't have have topped Bun's "Yo, ain't nuthin' goin' on but nuts on naked chicks/they never fakin' licks, suckin' dicks while I'm takin' shits" rhyme for sheer filth but over a decade later they went and made Bun's blumpkin fetishizing sound passe when they remade the song as an ode to the rectal follicles of 'tutes and enlisted the help of kindred spirits Webbie and Boosie for maximum Southern ig'nance :

UGK ft. Webbie & Boosie - Hairy Asshole

God, it sucks we'll never hear another new UGK song. Why couldn't a proper fat twat rapper who had nothing left to offer like Bonecrusher have died instead of Pimp C? No offence like, Bonecrusher, mate.


brad said...

classic picture

2SHIN said...

I hate Morrissey more than I hate Ben Elton. That's saying some shit.

Fucking bitch made vegan cunt. Eat a steak shut the fuck up nucca.