Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Reasons why I love Youtube part 6

For discovering videos you never knew existed for songs which you love part 2

Black Flag - Slip It In

Sometime back in 2006 my mate sends me a Youtube link telling me that some zany kids have just made a video to Slip It In which i should see, so I'm watching it and I'm like "Holllld up, wait a minute - these mahfuckers in it are the cast from the 2 80s Teenage Lovedolls flicks, aren't they?". A Google search revealed that, yes, they are various cast members from those movies, that it's a proper Black Flag video and that it was directed by dook who did that The Year Punk Broke documentary in the 90s. The TV Party and Drinking And Driving (is it just me or does that song sound much better accompanied with the video than it ever sounded on record?) videos were widely distrubuted on grainy VHS tapes from American friends in this country but i 'unno anyone who ever knew of the existence of this video before Youtube. Anyway, it's become one of my favourite videos and the blond who played Alexandria Axethrasher in the Lovedolls movies looks foxy as hell in it, in a kind of Stephanie Kaye from Degrassi going to a fancy dress party as Dee Snider from Twisted Sister kinda way.

Juvenile - Solja Rag

Juve's Hot Boys visor is one of the flyest bit of apparel I've seen but them cuffed Daisy Duke shorts he's wearing leave a lot to be desired. That said, he does rock them a lot better than Prodigy in the Outta Control remix video so it's all luv. Is Juve's main mate who looks like Brix from OZ/Bodie from The Wire with a Boosie-fade Lil' Soulja from Beelow's Big Body remix?

Aux 88 - Electro/Techno

Regular Detriot techno bores me, but I ride with the more electro type shit like Juan Atkins's output under his Cybotron and Model 500 nom de plumes and the 90s elecretro stuff they inspired like Aux 88. Aux 88 were vaguelly known in the UK for 2 reasons : for having that remix of Electronic Warfare by Underground Resistance which was on the Dave Clarke electro video mix that the MTV dance show that durty lookin' Simone bird hosted used to play late at night, and them turning up to play Bugged Out in Manchester at the height of summer in those Martin Lawrence in Big Momma's House sized bubble gooses they used to wear.

Freddie Foxxx - The Master

It's often said that getting your video played on Yo!, MTV Raps back in the day was the difference between selling thousands of copies and seling 5 copies to your homeboys and mum, so that probably explains why Freddie's first album from 1989 went plastic (well, that and the fact the album was shit other than this song, obviously), because there was no way any national tv show was ever going show this fucking bizarre video effort with an intro which seems to last the duration of 2012 (I can't be the only one who considered suicide during the last hour of that movie as a means of escape) where Freddie walks out of his kitchen job on his tyranical Chinese boss due to the advice of Eric B as his mythical Zen Master figure who imparts knowledge on him at times of crisis, and then gets chased around Chinatown by the bosses henchmen, who include some Sumo wrestler who looks more like Biz than Yokozuna, before they embark on a karate fight on a traintrack under a bridge.

Beastie Boys - She's On It

I remember someone telling me that there was a video to this, but I always just assumed they meant an extended version of the scene in Krush Groove where the Beasties perform it. How wrong I was. Here we get the Beasties on a beach, plenty of bikini clad broads, a young Rick Rubin and that guitar riff which is nastier than Clarence Boddicker. Oh shit, there was a video for Rock Hard too.

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl

Speaking of nasty, some clever clogs has managed to exploit a legal loophole to upload the Nasty Girl video without Warner Brothers having it deleted or getting the sound muted for copyright infingement. My man needs to do the same with them old Ice-T videos which Warner's jobsworths keep having removed too. Anyway, this is the best Prince penned song not sung by Prince and was the catalyst for the first proper rap answer record by Martorialist faves Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde. Cot-damn, Susan Moonsie was fine.

Nate Dogg - One More Day

This was always the sleeper cut from the Murder Was The Case soundtrack for me and, weirdly, the video isn't even on that Too Gangsta For TV Death Row Uncut dvd which came out around a decade ago, which has pretty much every other video and misuscule piece of footage from the Death Row vaults. Rap videos where rappers and their mates pretend to play instruments on stage are always a winner, and that's word to Diamond D on the drums and Fat Joe on the bass in the Actual Facts video.

Onyx - Bacdafucup

I'm more of a All We Got Iz Us kinda fella (second only to Liquid Swords as far as perfect wintertime rap albums go), but the intro to the first album is one of my favourite preludes and if I was a wrestler I'd use this as my entrance music a la New Jack with Natural Born Killaz. Is this the only example of an album intro getting video treatment?

Into Another - Mutate Me

As far as 80s NY hardcore vets going all post-hardcore in the 90s go, Into Another weren't exactly a group of the Quicksand calibre, but they did have their moments like the Seemless L, which this comes from. Can't front, I did catch the dying seconds of this on 120 Minutes back in 1995 but it wasn't until Youtube that I finally see the video in all its cliched the-band-anguishedly-perform-the-song-in-some-cramped-space-as-flashing-lights-dart-inbetween-them glory. You're a better man than me if you can fathom out what the fuck the falling lift with the robotic skeleton are all about.

Royce Da 5'9" - Boom

According to my mate the Boom video got play on MTV Base back in 2001, but I never came across it. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing as the video is pebbledashed with various scenes from the utterly absymal Carmen : A Hip Hopera since the song ended up appearing on the soundtrack to that sunday moring custard-crap of a movie. I'd rather hear Umi Says (hands down the most excrutiating rapper-tries-to-sing track to date) pumped at ear splitting volume at 4 AM every morning for the rest of my life than ever watch Mos Def act again.

Wednesday Fat Lace bonuses :

Check out Drew Huge's killer random-rap mix for Southern Hospitality's Twelve 12"s mix series.

Also check out Dom P's treasure trove of bizarre homemade rap memorabilia including, deep breath here, a wooden box with 5 tennis balls painted as the members of NWA superglued onto it.

Please believe your boy would pull the trigger on this if it wasn't $750. Seven hundred and fifty dollars. Marinate on that.


Mark Beezer said...

You must realize, that apart from residing across the pond from me, you have amazingly similar musical tastes. You have a very good knowledge of hip hop/rap. You keep this up, and I'll keep trolling your blog. -Aces-

brad said...

nwa tennis balls are probably the best thing ever

haha @ the hardcore kids dissing the beasties on the rock hard vid

MF said...

Thanks, Mark.

I'm tryna work out which is Ren and which is Dre. Ren has gotta be the Kings cap and Dre has gotta be the L.A cap, right?

Boothe said...

Here's a good one.

MF said...

That's one of those tunes which cemented Kurupt circa '92 - '94 as my fav' pre-album rapper.

James said...

The black flag video is the shit, bruv.

Boothe said...

Kurupt was definitely on fire then.

MF said...

Just a pity the first Dogg Pound album didn't live up to the promise shown on all those verses on Dre and Snoop cuts or early DPG tunes like What Would U Do?

Also a pity Kurupt didn't get to rip Daz tracks which went to cot-damn 2pac like Ambitionz Az A Ridah and 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted.

Anonymous said...

That Onyx video was on one of those "American TV host shows you how wacky and crazy American TV can be" spacefillers on Channel 4 in the mid 90s, the one that was hosted by Laura Kightlinger. She shoved a chocolate bar in her snatch in one episode. Those are the only two things I remember about said show.

MF said...

Man, i don't remember that show at all.

Your search - "laura kightlinger" + "shoves chocolate bar in snatch" - did not match any documents.


Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.
Try fewer keywords.


Anonymous said...

MF you are disgrace how dare you speak ill of the dead - have you no shame - did your comment about Derek B the day after he died make you feel good? you obviously haven't heard his Eric B and Rakim paid in full Urban respray remix? which they are actually on record as saying is better than their original - shame on you you sick MF