Sunday 7 January 2024

Jack B Nastie

The Jacka - Heavy Rain (CDQ)
(From the internet/The Jackilation unreleased album; 2007)

Back in early 2022, me & JackaHive were over the moon to finally find a CDQ version of his G.O.A.T lost loosie Heavy Rain. In fact, it's one of Jacka's G.O.A.T songs full stop and demonstrates why him & RobLo were one of those perfect rapper/producer pairings who were born to record music together. Ya boi recently found out the story behind the song: it was recorded for some album called The Jackilation by a Benicia rapper called Jack Nastie. The album never dropped but Jacka's team uploaded the unmixed version of Heavy Rain to his MySpace page. Turns out there was another Jacka song recorded for the Jack Nastie album featuring Dubb 20 and Nastie himself which makes the ideal B-side to Heavy Rain. Naturally the song would be better if Nastie hadn't laid locals on it, but I can't begrudge him his moment in the sun because that man is partially responsible for Heavy Rain's existence. Raise a toast to Jack - both of them!

The Jacka ft. Jack Nastie & Dubb 20 - I Can Have It
(From The Jackilation unreleased album; 2007)

The three of them even performed I Can Have It live in a school gym once.


xanaxfantasia said...

i heard the internet only version of the album was to be called...

E-Jackilation 🫠

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Smell Rell said...

That Lerek and Jack Nastie song slaps