Saturday 8 October 2022

Marunate on that

Lil' Maru - Change Up
(From Change Up single; 2020)

Lil' Maru - On The Block
(From On The Block single; 2021)

Who dis: Lil' Maru has a flow which shapes monotone into melody, so he's kinda like Lil' Peep if Peep were reincarnated as a Mexican zoomer gangbanger rapper from San Diego. Part of me wants to investigate Maru's music further to see if he has any other songs up my road, but it's probably not gonna happen because I have a very low tolerance for 70 BPM sad boi production. That's okay, though - a lotta rappers are best experienced via the Busy Bee Principle where you boil their entire career down to two songs. Here at The Martorialist we call it a Deuce And Dip.

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Fred said...

Woodie on Xanax aka 2pac Lil' Maru Shakur. This is allright for what it's worth.