Friday 21 October 2022

Born To Audiomack: 5 lesser celebrated 2022 jams

Call me Erik ten Hag the way I'm dropping 5's out here (geddit?) Here's another Quinary Of Quality playlist, this one consisting of some 2022 Martorialist favourites which are lesser celebrated elsewhere on the Rap Internet. 5 Songs by AD, Stunnaman02 & DrewBanga, Mouse On Tha Track, Westside Boogie & DRAM and Wavy Bagels which each deliver something very singular. True story: I almost weep with joy at how wonderful the Mouse song is.

1. AD - All I Do
2. Stunnaman02 & DrewBanga - Wit A Twist
3. Mouse On Tha Track - Big Blossom
4. Westside Boogie ft. DRAM - Aight
5. Wavy Bagels - Slice

Never in a month of black sundays & blue mondays did I ever imagine that perennial L.A hack-turnt-Adam 22's token black friend AD would drop a song I'd really like, but that's exactly what All I Do is. A notable new entry in my personal canon of Shinola Songs By Shitty Rappers.


Smell Rell said...

Mouse needs to put "Swagga Fresh Freddie" on Spotify.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

🎵 "They label me as the good guy, but I'm like the main reason why that the club buck and the G's ride" 🎵

Anonymous said...

Ten Hag needs to bring Maguire back lol.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Absolutely. Plus drop Eriksen and Casemiro and re-install McFred. It's what the people want! 😎