Monday 31 August 2020

Generic list post: August 2020

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Instagram continues to be the only good social media site. Well, except for when it insists on showing me pix of Dipset's Gym Bore Jones.

B. Fats - Woppit (video) (1986)
Captain G. Whiz - Red Alert promo (1987)
P-Lo - Get Me Lit (2020)
Mac J - No Fucc Shit (2020)
Mac J - OldSkoo (2020)
Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece & Bruus - Forever Gangster (2020)
Sada Baby - Whole Lotta Choppas (2020)
Aretha Daye ft. MC Chan - No More (Making Love) (1991)
Ennio Morricone - Svolta Definitiva (1970)
Archers Of Loaf - Cruel Reminder (2020)

Other notables: of course Nas was the weakest link on his Firm reunion song; Mulatto's revamp of Gucci Mane's Freaky Gurl wasn't freaky enough for my liking; watched a few episodes of Unsung this month - Whodini, EPMD, Ice-T, Bone Thugs, E-40, and Nate Dogg.


Yohan said...

As someone who reveres Illmatic, I fully don't understand why Nas is regarded as being a top 10 rapper of all time, let alone top 5, or how this happened. Have people never listened to any releases post It Was Written / The Firm album?

Also, those Unsung videos look really interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

d said...

You watched that no limit series yet? Seems encouragingly lengthy

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nah, what's the No Limit series on?

From Hip Hop Is Dead onwards, Nas has made music to be talked about rather than listened to.

Molloy said...

It's always heartening to hear Only Fools & Horses references.

Spartan said...

Missed opportunity not using the Mistral font, considering both movie and show used it on their respective titles.

Ben said...

The farther Nas got away from making records in the same vein as his peers such as Mobb Deep, Cormega, AZ, etc from his era the worse his music got. With that said I actually thought Foxy's verse was pretty cringe worthy also.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

C'est magnifique hookey street.

d said...

BET did a whole documentary series im hearing good reports

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ah that'll probably turn up on the UK BET at some point.

Best include the Richmond era.

d said...

Man King George is in it

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

😨 Holy shit!

Andrew Barber said...

For your next list

a rare unearthed gem

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nice. If I were gonna put that song on a mix, I'd place it next to Game Recognize Game by Legit Ballaz.