Tuesday 8 May 2018

**Easy Mo Bee voice**

"Yo Carlos, I don't even understand how they didn't understand you on them Trel Itz A Hit joints.
Kick somethin' over some old robotic, futuristic George Jetson type shit..."

"Dirty cup, uhh, that's that medicine
Dirty pistol, but I'm fresher than a peppermint
I hear them n*ggas hatin', I got ears just like an Elephant
Look like I got wings 'cause I'm flyer than a Pelican"

70th Street Carlos - Bang Bang
(From t'internet; 2018)

Let it be known that Carlos AKA Chubb Glock treats them non-Trel productions right too. It's the joints: OG, One Day, the I Bet You Won't (Remix), and Bang Bang right chea.


Smell Rell said...

Good song

Anonymous said...

Who produced this?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...