Monday, 22 January 2018

Generic list post: 5 fives (the proof is in the posting)

Proof that SOB X RBE didn't start a "new Bay Area sound":
DB Tha General - Intro (2007)
D-Lo - U Already Kno Doe (2009)
NhT Boyz - DJ (2010)
DJ Upgrade ft. Rico Tha Kidd - Hey Girl (2012)
Ezale - 5 Minutes Of Funktown (2013)

Proof that Ego Trip's best singles lists missed a buncha legit classics:
Ice-T - High Rollers (1988)
Too $hort - The Ghetto (1990)
Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) (1994)
Thug Life - Pour Out A Little Liquor (1994)
Camp Lo - Luchini (AKA This Is It) (1996)

Proof that Ego Trip's best singles lists missed a buncha legit classics 2:
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (1992)
UGK - Pocket Full Of Stones (Pimp C Mix) (1993)
Tha Dogg Pound - What Would U Do (1994)
Slick Rick ft. Doug E. Fresh - Sittin' In My Car (1994)
Big Mike ft. Pimp C - Havin' Thangs (1994)

Proof that Tha Carter 2.5 is an underrated mixtape:
Lil' Wayne - Ain't Got Time (2006)
Lil' Wayne - Cash Money N*gga (2006)
Lil' Wayne ft. Birdman - BM J.R Part 2 (2006)
Lil' Wayne ft. Curren$y - Talk That Shit (2006)
Lil' Wayne - That Somebody (2006)

Proof that the Rap Music Hysteria blog needs to return:
OMB Peezy - Lay Down (2016)
WNC Carlos ft. JMM Larry & SOG Sherwood Flame - Cross Me (2016)
BallGreezy - Shone (2007)
Chi Ching Ching - Roast Or Fry (Breadfruit) (2015)
Rosco P. Coldchain - I Can't Help (2003)

That last 5 is a roundabout way of saying that there hasn't been a Rap Music Hysteria post since october. That's a huge pity since RMH host SE was the first person to post songs by the WNC crew and OMB Peezy, which basically means he's more important than 99% of the self-styled tastemakers on the rap internet.


Unknown said...

Ego Trip not including "It Was A Good Day" is baffling thats one of Ice Cubes most well known songs.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ultimately you can't trust the taste of a crew which included Elliot Wilson as one of its members.

Anonymous said...

Kurt Kobain by Proof is classic

GGGGG said...

Hope RMH isn't gone for good.

Anonymous said...

I miss RMH.

L.A said...

RMH dude hasn't tweeted since december either

Anonymous said...

Tha Carter 2.5 > Tha Carter 3

David said...

i put you onto 'shone' tho lol

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No you didn't.

I'd never heard it or heard of it before I came across it on SE's Miami compilation.