Monday 4 December 2017

Angola's alright...

Angola's alright if you like beaches and sisters! Angola's alright if you don't like Jazz! Angola's alright if you like tropical country's which actually have seasons! Angola's alright if you like undeniable pop bangeurs built on synthetic saxobeat riffs!

Diron Animal - Don't Stop
(From Alone album; 2017)

Damn, homie - even Mystic Meg couldn't have predicted that 2017's entry in the In The Dark-core canon would be some random Afrobeats jam outta Angola which currently has less than 7 thousand views on the 'Tube.


Yohan said...

Damn son, where did you find this?

icebergsweater said...

Didn't expect to see this song on here, but yeah this song is fucking great.
The rest of the album is pretty good too.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Big fan of Love Family too.