Monday 12 June 2017

Jerk Diggsler

"I ripped her out of a bar
I whipped her into a car
then flipped her into a star
And she ain't have no n*gga, now she got one
And she ain't have no money, but she got some
She lookin' for a square but I'm not one
And now she sock it to my pocket like a shotgun"

J-Diggs ft. Young Global & SB Shmack - 2nd Guessin'
(From 2nd Guessin' single; 2017)

File this under ‘the Vapors, Vallejo stylee.’

'Tis the season to keep one's radar peeled for summer slaps, and 2nd Guessin' here was designed to be blumped windows down, tops off. It's a funny old world where NorCal mob music producers are now the ones keeping Ultimate Breaks & Beats staples like The Champ alive - another L for east coast hip hop 4 eLeMeNtZ survivalists.

Ain't gon' lie - the main lass in this is ya host's favourite video-chick since her in the orange from J Hus' Lean & Bop video.


hotbox said...

The Champ must be part of some new sample pack I've heard it a bunch of time recently.

Good call on the young tender I went to the comment section to find her instagram like the old man creep that I am but its only at 100 views

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Need more video-chicks who've got a bit of a belly.

No 6 packs in 2017!

Roman said...

Great find! Goes wonderfully well with Can't Compare (, from the same (forthcoming) project I think (#90dayhousearrestproject).

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That song needs a video featuring the main chick from this video