Wednesday 8 February 2017

They had me in the paper like I was gone, all it took was 50 thou' to come back home

"I exited the county like a muthaf*ckin' G
On two homicides they got nothin' on me
The state is weak, they can't f*ck witcha boy
The put me all on the news - look, f*ckin' witcha boy!"

Fat Tone - Not Guilty
(From Tha Stick Up Kid album; 2003)

Another favourite Fat Tone slap. Bit ironic that the guy initially rumoured to be responsible for Mac Dre's death should have his own equivalent of Punk Police because Not Guilty is an autobiographical joint about Tone beating a double-murder case, and the importance of hiring a good lawyer when the cops come running. File this one under ‘songs Max B really shoulda listened to before he decided to let Gerald Saluti defend him.’

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