Friday 24 February 2017

Funkanella >>>>> Funcrusher Plus

Late pass! Ain't gon' front like my knowledge of Dungeon Family unreleased/rare joints isn't fairly basic. I'd never heard the shelved ATLiens-era track Roaches And Rats which surfaced in 2006 until last year, and I was utterly unaware of this pre-Stankonia bangeur until yesterday:

"From East Point to New York, it's OutKast and Clue y'all
Howdy doo, y'all... Howdy doo, y'all!"

OutKast ft. Killer Mike & Slimm Calhoun - Funkanella
(From DJ Clue's Backstage: A Hard Knock Life compilation; 2000)

Hard to believe the third rapper on this now exclusively makes unlistenable music with the "pudgy, fish-faced ginger" snitch from Company Flow. What happened to the Earth(tone III)?


Unknown said...

I'm glad to know i'm not alone in thinking that Run The Jewels is bullshit.

icebergsweater said...

It's sad that we're prolly never getting a Pledge IV like Killa Kill said he was gonna do.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Killer Mike saying Grind Time Rap Gang was the goin to be the Wu Clan Tang of the South? "Paystyle" was possibly the song I listened to most off that first double album thing.

xanax fantasia said...

if it was a sarcastic question i apologize 4 being gullible, but earthtone 3 was just dre & big boi's production name i think

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

+ Mr. DJ.

But the question was a terrible pun based on Jacka's What Happened To The World?.

Fosterakahunter said...

"pudgy, fish-faced ginger" snitch from Company Flow.
Ooooohh!! Got 'eem!