Saturday 8 October 2016

Everything I say is super-factual even if I'm talkin' supernatural

"I been dealing with the ghosts of 'em
Hit a play or two with most of em
Home invasion, they was so stubborn
Had to shoot 'em up, roll somethin'
Man, I must be getting old or somethin'
Thinking maybe it's the coke or somethin'
Something turned into a broken somethin'
Every time I get close to something"

A-Wax - Always Something
(From YouTube; 2016)

As stated previously, A-Wax videos were so much better before they became 3 minute motion pictures of him walkin' around various locales in slow-motion and standing on inanimate objects doing rap-hands. Nonetheless, I cannae be mad that the best song on Pushin' Keyz just got the visual treatment. As also stated previously, A-Wax always brings a little extra something when rappin' about being haunted by the ghosts of victims past.


Anonymous said...

I got that same shirt

styles palmer said...

Seen the video of ya boy Wax slapping Rob Lo about 2 weeks ago? Surely the longest running/most redundant beef going?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, that slap was precisely 1000000000 times harder than most of those stale beats on his new album.

Ain't gon' lie, his sheer pettiness + persistence in the Husalah beef is hilarious to me.