Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kam'll blam blam 'em

Both Kamaiyah's Out The Bottle and Lil' Debbie's Break It Down play like woman's interpretations of the sound DB Tha General ran with in 2007, but one song succeeds because it's an ode to booze, whilst the other song fails because it's a love letter to zoots - can you guess which song is which??

Kamaiyah ft. Zay M - Out The Bottle
(From YouTube; 2015)

Kamaiyah has become internet-sexy recently, so props to ANU for being the first person I saw to identify Out The Bottle as a slap back in the autumn. "Teh goat digger alan lomax regional tastemaker ceo" strikes again!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about her daddy who "was the shit in '84". I bet he was probably in Con-Funk-Shun or Lakeside or one of those bands. Anyone in a position to know?

Si Mane Price said...

Lol, that's my favourite line in the song.

Anonymous said...

Plz don't overlook Kamaiyah's "how does it feel"!

Si Mane Price said...

That's cool but this one is my shit.