Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Who got that dirty version of Puff's new mixtape?

Puff Daddy ft. Lil' Kim, Styles P & King Los - Auction
(From MMM mixtape; 2015)

Badly need the unedited version of Auction since it sounds like a Press Play track which Puff cut out of spite after Styles threatened to drop a TV on his head that time on Hot 97. I'd prefer another Last Train To Paris to Puff's upcoming No Way Out 2 album, but Combs & co over Sean C & L.V production like its 2006 all over again suits me fine as an entrée to a retail LP that's probably gonna feature Machine Gun Kelly playing the role of Ma$e on the O.G No Way Out.


Mr. Mangle said...

I like how Lil' Kim sounds like Erick Sermon after inhaling a helium balloon on this.

Mr. Mangle said...

Dirty version:

Seange said...

Right here

Si Mane Price said...

Cheers, lads.