Saturday, 29 August 2015

Horns are horny

(No Lakim Shabazz.)

Shift K3Y - Beep Beep
(From Off The Record EP; 2015)

Who'd have ever thunk a cheeky Nando's Loughborough uni freshers don (™2Shin) like the Touch kid would casually transform himself into the best singing-auteur since The-Dream? Dane Bowers with more bangers seemed like a position he could occupy with ease, but a U.K Terius Nash? I didn't see that comin' like dogshit on a dark night.


d said...

sorry 2Shin this is the main lad you put me onto and I fuck w the radio show.

cant lie Im so removed from not-rap everytime someone says theyve a guilty pleasure Im usually like not a notion what theyre on about this is jamming.

Si Mane Price said...

What happened to the Mongolian Mike Parry breakfast show anyway?

Streets are still waitin' for Amy Green to guest.

d said...

Hes a throat infection, its only on hiatus I think

Ruben said...

The song with James Fauntelroy goes too.