Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm like Heaven - everybody wanna get to me

How you make it to the gates and forget the key, PR

I'll hold my hands up and admit that not everybody is going to get jokes about Jay Electronica sounding like Mindbender Futurama or how Max B should've hired Tray as his lawyer instead of Gerald Saluti since he was insisting on using a Jewish Dipset fan who works in the legal business to represent him, but how is a website offering SEO services for "journalists, bloggers and media outlets" like PR Newswire unaware of the wanky powerhouse fashion blog by that douchebag Scott Schuman which this place was originally conceived as a vague parody of back in 2008? Thanx 4 the luv, though, fellas.

In related news, I used to slang with my blog, even smang with my blog; I used to bang with my blog, godamn - now I'm part of the gang contributing to the An Indeterminate Amount of Incredible Rap Songs You Need To Hear.....Right Now series on H.L's blog. We ain't nuthin' but models for pigeons on RSS feeds.


done said...

Was this blog referenced in The Wire or did I imagine that?

Richard Tre Mane said...

Yeah, via Noz, and i-D magazine twice via Lil' 2$hooshie and some other guy I don't know.

brad said...

just gotta get in razzle now and you've made it.

Richard Tre Mane said...

A certain esteemed British rap writer's wifey edits Razzle. Or she used to anyway.

Thomas said...

Wow dude, you're all over the internet now.
Don't let all this internet fame go to your head.

Yohan said...

Never stop posting Mindbender references.