Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wanted dead or alive # 11 : I'm A Shop Shutter

Heard a snippet of a Baton Rogue stomper called I'm A Shop Shutter by The Shop Shutters on one of Frankie Tha Lucky Dog's Louisiana Pit radio show videos from 2010 which I've become moderately obsessed with, but the only other trace I can find of it online is a 2009 review of the 2007 CD it comes from on Frankie's blog with a link to a website to buy it that's currently a shut shop.

Anybody have any info' about the The Beginning CD by Shop Shutters? There's another couple of snippets of I'm A Shop Shutter in this R.I.P Big Markee video Frankie put together which make me go Whoa Na because it sounds so awesome but then leave me all tearful like Waaaah-Waaaaah because I'll probably never hear it in its entirity :


sisilafami said...

Damn there's quite a lot of good songs in that video.

Still no luck finding boo rossini 601 album ?

Richard Tre Mane said...

No, I should really just bite the bullet and order one of the copies on Amazon.

Yeah, the vid is chock-a-block with joints I need to hear in full. This was where I first discovered Gangster Tale by Ruthless Juveniles too.

brad said...

frankie is the don